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What Can You Do While We’re Taking Care of Your Full Service Car Wash?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe wrote a blog not long ago that had some suggestions about what you could do while you’re waiting for your full service car wash here in Loveland. For instance, if you’re going to be here for a while, why not take in a nearby restaurant to help you pass the time?

But why leave the building when there’s so much to see here? Okay, we’re not talking about National Park-level sights or Times Square-level excitement, but there’s more than enough to do during the short time you’re in for an auto detail.

Watch Your Car

Here at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we’ve made it fun to watch your car. While you could stand outside and watch us clean out the interior, it’s much more fun to stay inside and watch it through the large windows as it goes along our automatic car wash. As your car progresses, the neon signs will tell you exactly what’s happening, from pre-rinse to drying.

Enjoy The Wi-fi

Why use up your data plan on your phone when you could be using our free wi-fi? Watch videos, get back to people on email, surf your favorite sites right from here.

Watch TV

Most places that offer while-you-wait service have a television. Ours is bigger! Relax in the waiting room and veg in front of the TV for a few minutes while we take care of your auto detailing.

Play With The Toys

If you’ve brought the kids along, we’ve got a selection of toys to keep them busy while you wait on your vehicle.

Browse the Gift Shop

The gift shop? What kind of car wash has a gift shop? You can get postcards, Loveland gifts, speedy 8drinks, and rubber animal heads. (You’ll just have to stop by to find out what we’re talking about!)

We don’t want you to simply have to sit there and wait during a car wash. Why not have a little fun? Stop by Speedy Sparkle and get your car as clean as ever.

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