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How Using a Full Service Car Wash Can Protect Your Health


There are lots of reasons people come in to Speedy Sparkle for a full service car wash. Some stop by for their weekly touch up because they’re part of our Car Wash Club (and they’re doing it without car wash coupons!). Others are stopping by for their once-a-year, get-my-car-clean-inside-and-out full service auto detail. In both cases, people have chosen to leave their car wash to the professionals.

Why are they leaving it up to us? Well, sometimes they just don’t want to do it! Others realize that we can get it done better, while some know that washing their cars in the driveway is bad for the environment.

But did you know that taking care of your own car detailing and washing can be bad for you? And how not dealing with a dirty car can make you just as uncomfortable? Read on to find out what we’re talking about.

You’re Not Using the Chemicals

The cleaning agents we use at our car wash are safe for cleaning vehicles…so long as you’re using the right amount. Because we do this every day, we know the right amount of cleaners to use when cleaning your car, whether we’re wiping down the dash, cleaning your hubcaps, or getting a nasty stain out of the carpet.

Far too many people who try to deal with the problem themselves will use chemicals that are too harsh, and they often use too many of them. Even then they don’t get the result they want, so they bring the problem to us. Why not just skip the do-it-yourself method and make sure it gets done right the first time?

We’ll Get Rid of the Dust

Dust is mostly dried dirt that has flown into your windows, but it also contains human skin cells, dust mites, and decomposed fibers of textiles. All of that settles onto the dashboard, and it also gets into the seats.

But the worst aspect of dust is that it contain allergens. It seems like nearly everyone is allergic to something that’s in the Colorado air, whether it’s cottonwood, ragweed, or Bermuda grass. Sure, it’s bad during the early days of spring when the winds are blowing, but when it combines with dust and settles on your dashboard, you’re literally carrying around what ails you all the time! All it takes is an open window or a brush against your dashboard (or, even more likely, simply sitting in a seat) to send that pollen back into the air.

Instead of ruining the rest of your day by cleaning your car and triggering your allergies, why not let us do it? We’ll get the maximum amount of pollen, some of which might have been your car’s carpeting for years, out of your vehicle. You won’t have to lift a finger, and you won’t have to lift a tissue either!

The Stretching

Backs are weird. One second you’re perfectly fine, the next you’re sprawled out and in more pain that you’ve ever imagined.

We know a guy. He lifted heavy boxes all day long, and he was perfectly fine. But then he went to clean out his van. The van wasn’t high enough to stand up in, of course, so he was crawling around in the back with a vacuum cleaner. When he stretched his arm out beyond his normal range of motion, his back went out, and he was in pain for the next three weeks. That’s certainly a worse situation than having a professional take care of your auto detailing!

When you want to avoid the hassles and pains of doing your own car washing and detailing, you know who to head to in northern Colorado. We’ll get it taken care of!



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