Introducing Sparkle Shield

Introducing Sparkle Shield™ Sparkle Shield is a unique and proprietary service from Speedy Sparkle Car Wash. We are pleased to introduce Sparkle Shield to you!  A Shine you can see! Protection you can feel! Sparkle Shield is a new and unique way to care for and protect your car. Sparkle Shield gives you a shine you can see and protection you can feel. What is Sparkle Shield and why do I need it? Sparkle Shield is a special two-step process with nature and science working hand in hand. Step One is our specially formulated Hot Wax, [...]

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Why wax?

For many of us, our vehicles are almost like a part of the family. We depend on them to get us through our days, comfortably and safely. That is why preventative maintenance is so important to ensuring the quality of your vehicle and the protection on your investment. We often hear about the evils that Magnesium Chloride can reap on your car and why regular washing is one of the cardinal winter rules. Mag Chloride might be one of the most harmful, but there are a plethora of other elements working together to degrade your vehicle including; mud, slush, grease, [...]

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Looking For Car Wash Coupons? We’ve Got Tons Of Discounts Right Here

We get it…you want to get a deal, and we can’t blame you. That’s why we’ve created a number of promotions to get you into our car wash…after all, we know once you try us you’ll keep coming back. So check out these car wash coupons and promotions. Cash Cards: If you want to save money with every wash, buy one of our Cash Cards. With these you get a great list of perks and discounts. They never expire and are replaceable if lost. Just present the card when you get service and you can save between 5-20%, which can [...]

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Hey, It Snowed! The Seven Day Forecast Says Come On In For A Full Service Car Wash!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We’d say that was a pretty nice snow we had for the holidays…pleasant to look at but not debilitating for driving. We’re taking a look at the seven-day forecast, and we’ve notice that there’s really nothing coming down the pike for a while, so you know what that means…time for a full service car wash! Why? Get that dust off: During the warm months, people are always joking about how it rains right after they get their car washed. At first glance, why should it matter…water is water, right? Nope! Rain drops in the sky form around [...]

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The Evils of Magnesium Chloride

Did you know that the Colorado Department of Transportation recommends washing your vehicle once a week during winter, more if it snows? That is because magnesium chloride is used to prevent roads from icing over. While we are all grateful for safer driving conditions, mag chloride can really damage your vehicle if left to sit. Not only does it corrode chrome and alloy, it eats away at the wires and hoses underneath your car, including brake lines! The key to keeping yourself safe and maintaining the value of your vehicle this winter is frequent washes. Especially if you often find [...]

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Leasing Your Vehicle? You Need Regular Car Washes & Full Service Auto Detailing

Some people love leasing their cars…they can keep payments about the same from car to car and get to upgrade more often. But there are penalties that are associated with a lease: if you want to return the car early, if you can’t pay the monthly bill, if you go over the allotted mileage…and if you return the car in bad condition. So what are the advantages of bringing your leased car to Speedy Sparkle Car Wash? The Exterior: You hear about it all the time…salt and magnesium chloride will eat your car. While there’s some exaggeration in that, the [...]

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To Rain-X® or not to Rain-X®

If you have ever applied Rain-X® to your windshield, you are aware of what a great product it is. It helps to repel water off of your windshield during poor weather, creating safer driving conditions, and a better ride. At Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we use the Rain-X® Complete Weather Protectant, and it is much more than a glass treatment. The Complete Weather Protectant creates a chemical bond that helps to protect all of the exterior surfaces on your vehicle, including the paint, glass, plastic, and trims. With autumn here, and winter quickly on its way, protecting your vehicle and [...]

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