Car Washes In Movies and TV

Over the years in this car wash blog we’ve told you about serious subjects like how mag chloride can destroy parts of your car. We’ve told you about how car washes can actually make your car safer, from washing debris off the brakes to providing you with cleaner windows so that you can see out better. We’ve also detailed (pun intended, why not?) the ways in which getting your car washed at our express car wash is actually better for the environment than doing it yourself in the driveway. Those are all pretty serious subjects. And after writing so many [...]

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What To Do In Loveland After Your Car Gets Nice and Clean

  While we don’t recommend ignoring the cleanliness needs of your car during winter, we understand when people wait until spring to give it that first car wash of the year. Of course, winter stuck around a little too long this year, so many of you are just getting to your first full-service car wash since October! But now it’s summer! It’s time to get that car washed and head out to have some fun in and around Loveland. So once your car is nice and shiny, where can you take it t? Runza Car Show Okay, we’re gonna start [...]

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How Getting A Full-Service Car Wash Can Make You Safer

When most people think of a trip to the car wash, they’re concerned about the look of their car. Maybe they have a new car and want to get it looking as nice as possible. Or perhaps they’ve been down a bunch of gravel roads and are looking to get the dust off. So when most people head to a full-service car detail, they’re not often thinking about safety. But the fact is that a trip to the car wash can actually make you safer when you’re out and about driving. Let’s take a look at how this might happen. [...]

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What Can Magnesium Chloride Do To Your Vehicle?

  In 2016 Loveland had one of the longest and most pleasant falls in recent memory. It stayed warm longer than usual, the trees kept their leaves into November, and the first real snow didn’t bother us until December, if memory serves. So even though it feels good to be past the winter solstice and have the days getting longer, that great fall weather we had means that we’re not even halfway through winter yet. After all, we often get freezing temperatures and considerable snowfall as late as May, so that means we’ve still got quite a bit of snow [...]

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How To Keep Your Car Looking Nice, Even When You’re a Member of the Car Wash Club

One of the most popular services we offer here at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is our Car Wash Club. It’s easy to see why, considering what a good deal it is. Starting at just $16.95 a month, you can get unlimited exterior washing and drying. For just a bit more you can upgrade to wheel scrubs, polishes, dusting, interior window cleaning, and much more. We see some people quite often and know many of them by name because they’re members of our Car Wash Club. But even they don’t want to come in every day just because a little bit [...]

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Top Rated Local® Car Wash Reviews From Our Fort Collins and Loveland Customers

  We talked about our ratings on Top Rated Local® before, one of the most trustworthy review sites on the web. Why is it so trustworthy? Well, first of all each and every review has to be from a verified customer, so there’s much less chance that our competitors are stopping by the site just to trash up out of spite. Second, TRL is not like some companies who will hold back positive reviews unless you pay to reveal them (an unscrupulous tactic of some of the biggest review sites on the web). We’re always happy to respond to the [...]

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No More Water Spots!

Have you ever run though a quick automated car wash, excited about how slick your car is going to look, only to disappointedly notice it covered with water spots? The mineral deposits that remain after water is left to dry on your car are not only unsightly, they can ultimately damage your vehicle’s paint. We employ the latest in Car Wash technology so that your car will be spotless after a trip to Speedy Sparkle. We have two rinse bars. The first bar flushes all of the soaps off of your vehicle, leaving only the drying agent. This helps the [...]

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Adventures in Car Washing…

This past April, our fearless Speedy Sparkle leaders ventured to Las Vegas for the International Car Wash Show. The Show is the largest convention of its kind, offering a meeting ground for the top decision makers and innovators that make the car wash industry what it is (are you ready to book your tickets for the 2016 show yet?). While perusing the newest and noteworthy soaps and services, we came to a major conclusion about Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we ARE doing what we set out to do. In 2009 when we rebuilt Speedy Sparkle our mission was to assure [...]

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April showers bring May flowers, and bugs, pollen, and tree sap!

The (plentiful) April showers have brought May flowers and last winter has almost been forgotten. That doesn’t mean it is time to ease up on your exterior car maintenance. Yes, the Magnesium Chloride has already become a distant and chilly memory, but warmer weather brings with it a new series of concerns.  Exterior assaults from acid rain, bird poop, pollen, bugs, and tree sap can all cause serious damage to the paint and surface of your vehicle. Leave your car parked in the hot sun, and the damage will be intensified. Regular washing is one of the keys to keeping [...]

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Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Spring Cleaning is just as important for your car as it is for your home. Every time you enter your car, you track in dirt, gravel, and debris. Add in the winter slush and chemicals, and chances are, you’ve given your car mats and carpet a workout over the last few months. A clean interior is not only pleasing to look at and a more comfortable drive, it also helps to protect your investment. Let Speedy Sparkle Car Wash take care of your car’s interior for you. We have several options available that will make your time spent on the [...]

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